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Creating a New Standard for Public Spaces

The idea to create Streetscapes Inc. came into focus with a discovery that public spaces around public and private buildings and along our streets play a major role in how we think and feel about of cities.  So I headed down a path to learn as much about the subject as possible.

In that process, I learned that public spaces in cities had become identical clones of each other rarely standing out from one another.  I also learned that a dialog about public spaces was beginning to emerge.  And that people were interested in public spaces that allowed them connect, collaborate, learn and relax. And that sustainability would become a major trend in an effort to create less damage to the planet.

My many years in the contract furniture and outdoor lighting industry created a wealth of knowledge related to the interaction between furniture, people and spaces. I’ve worked with many different customers in a variety of markets – downtowns and main streets, hospitals and medical clinics, restaurants and café’s, master planned communities, shopping centers and parks – all from which I’ve drawn inspiration in creating Streetscapes Inc.

Streetscapes Inc. had combined that knowledge with manufacturers and suppliers who celebrated public spaces and the interactions that take place in them. 


James Shaffer

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Public Space Presentation Topics
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Connecting People to Place
Activating Public Spaces
Creating a Strategic Pedestrian Amenities Plan
The Secret Life of Furniture and Site Amenities

Creating a Strategic Pedestrian Amenities Plan
(report in PDF form)

Public Spaces as Nodes of Social Interaction
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