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About Us ยป The Mission
The Primary Resource for Public and Pedestrian Places!

To be the number one resource for architects and property owners interested in unique public furnishings that stand out from the crowd. We offer -

  • Decorative, comfortable and functional outdoor furniture to enhances the character of any project.
  • Public furnishings designed to encourage conversation, collaboration and creativity.
  • Sustainable furniture and amenities to support your sustainability efforts.
  • Unique public furnishing and site amenities to wow and engage.
  • Activities, games and outdoor fitness equipment for fun, fitness and agility.
  • Furniture for decks, patios, pools and other public areas.
  • Street furniture to support streetscapes, alleys and public transportation.
  • Ideas to engage adults, kids, teens, seniors and fido in public spaces.
  • Information on new trends, new products and new ideas related to public spaces.
  • Free feedback on your conceptual and renovation plans.

We’re prepared to make your streetscape or public space stand out from the crowd.

Streetscapes Inc.
303 398-7040


Streetscapes, Inc. - 1400 Sixteenth Street - Suite 400 - Denver, Colorado 80202 - 303-398-7040 voice - 303-398-7001 fax - info@Streetscapes.Biz

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