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Streetscapes, Inc.

Q. What makes Streetscapes, Inc. different from the local company that I've dealt with in the past?
A. The thing that makes us different is that we focus on the total public space environment. We have
The most comprehensive package of furniture and site amenities in the industry-one place to
accommodate all of your furnishing needs. We also focus on specific markets with specific needs,
i.e., business improvement districts, main streets, transit stops and stations; shopping center and
mixed use development where the emphasis is on pedestrians, economic development and transportation.

Q. It looks like a lot of your furniture manufacturers are from different parts of the world.
How does that affect product delivery.

A. Some of the companies maintain a U.S. office or distribution center and stock products
for immediately. The lead-time for the remaining manufacturers is about the same as a
U.S. based manufacturer - generally 8 to 10 weeks.

Q. Do you have any products that could be used towards LEED certification?
A. Yes, many of the products that we offer can be used to count towards lead certification?
Visit our LEED link for specific products.

Q. The inverted U bike rack and serpentine bicycle racks appear to be the most commonly used
bicycle racks in public spaces. Should I consider other bicycle rack styles when evaluating
additional bicycle racks for purchase?

A. There are many different style of bicycle racks that you consider depending on your goals and objectives.
Bicycle riders use bike racks, also called bike stands are structures used to secure bicycle against theft.
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What is a bike stall?
A ball stall is a bicycle parking structure that can convert a regular automobile parking space
into parking for bicycles leaving sidewalks clear for pedestrian travel and sidewalk dining.

Dero has some interesting bicycle racks? If I have an idea for custom bicycle rack,
could Dero manufacturer them for me?

Yes, they are able to manufacturer custom bicycle racks based on your design specifications.
Send us your ideas. Many of the bicycle racks that you see were ideas that were generated
for specific projects.


Erlau's wood is called pagwood. What can you tell me about pagwood?
Pagwood is a composite material made from natural beechwood veneers
soaked in specially developed synthetic resins and fused under 500 tons
of pressure at a temperature of 250 degrees celsius " Read More Here

Erlau uses rilsan to color coated it's metal components. What is Rilsan?
All Erlau products are galvanized and receive a 350 micron organic color coating.
The color coating process uses a high quality "rilsan polyamide" which is
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Erlau's has an Anti Graffiti Coating? On which products can it be used?
Erlau's Anti-Graffiti Coating can be used on all wire mesh products.
The Anti-Graffiti Coating is amazingly effective. Paint marks can be easily cleaned
with biologically degradable paint removers. The Anti-Graffiti Coating doesn't affecting
color stability, premature peeling or impairing Erlau's characteristic temperature insulation effect.


I've noticed that Kettler offers two different finishes on it products - Thermosit
and Electrotherm. What the difference between the two finishes?

Furniture coated with Thermosint is approximately 50% cooler than a regular powder coated metal
after extended exposure to the sun. It also has a five year anti-rust warranty. Furniture coated with
Electrothem is approximately 20% cooler than a regular powder coated metal after extended
exposure to the sun and has a three year anti-rust warranty.

The Regatta series furniture is listed as a Eco-Friendly product. What are the characteristics
of the product?

The Regatta series products are manufactured using 90% post consumer industrial waste.
The Regatta series also has a 20 year warranty

Street and Garden Furniture

Street and Garden furniture has some really great looking furniture. Is it off the shelf or custom?
Street and Garden offers both off the shelf and custom designed site specific furnishings.
Typically, the custom furniture is designed around providing a family of product for a particular project.

What is a skate-stopper?
A skate-stopper is a device placed on the top of walls, rails, planters and other structure
to prevent skateboarders from using them as a skating surface.

What's is a wheelie?
A wheelie is an enclosure with a door for removable of wheel mounted trash bins.

Tournesol Siteworks

How does the manual planter irrigation system work?
Here's a video of how Sub Irrigation Planter Inserts and Modules Works

I'm interested in the manual planter irrigation system.
How can I determine which product will work best with my planters?

Download and complete the "Measuring Containers for a Planter Irrigation System form and send
it to us and we'll assist you in determining which product that will work best with your system.

The VGM Living Wall System looks interesting.
What are the typical questions that you receive about the product?

Here's a list of VGM Living Wall FAQ's for your review.